Planning a wedding in Italy

Are you planning a destination wedding in Italy?

You have an enormous variety of choices for your location.  The Amalfi Coast, where coastal mountains cascade into the Mediterranean sea in a fantastic vertical scene of historic houses and nature. The Tuscan countryside,  where you will find the finest cuisine, the greatest wines and you will immerse yourself in the magnificent landscapes.

Venice, a unique romantic city built on the water with stunning architecture, beautiful terraces overlooking the Grand Canal and secret gardens in ancient Palaces…

Or in Northern of Italy, where the mountains are riddled with gorgeous lakes and picturesque villages like Lake of Como. 

Everything  and every place is magic in Italy! 

Wherever and whatever your choice will be, our role as Italian filmmakers is to capture all this beauty along with your story in a Wedding Film.

We feel blessed to be wedding videographers and we will continue doing it with dedication , passion and enthusiasm. If you believe your story is inspiring, write to us! We would love to hear from you.

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