Sole and I have learned that we are a small part of this big world and there are millions of people with wonderful stories to tell.
Through our films we can give voice to these stories,  we can share values, captures emotions, explore new places and get to know new cultures.
This is what we love to do and pursue with enthusiasm, initiative and dynamism.
We are very fortunate to be a couple in life and a great working team. We feel blessed every time we have the opportunity to immortalize the couple’s most important day.
A wedding is so much more than the event itself; it is the story which marks the beginning of your new life together.
Our passion is memorializing that story. Your moments matter to us!
We look for all the details of your day, from the unnoticed moments till the essence of the entire ceremony;  your emotions, feelings, laughter and tears of joy!
We do believe that it is fundamental for us to be deeply connected with you. This connection allows us to feel your emotions which we translate into film.
We love to create this connection, we love people with passion and love. We value the beautiful stories and we,  just happen, to fall in love with these sensations every time.


If you are planning a wedding in Italy or a destination wedding Worldwide and you are looking for the best destination wedding cinematographers to tell your story, we’d love to hear from you...