You've invested in an incredible venue and dramatic florals for your wedding, but you've spent just as much time building an intentional guest list and coordinating a killer itinerary for the people you love most.

We want you to relax with guests and remain in vacation mode all weekend long. You should never have to worry about your creative team leaving early because your hourly coverage has been exceeded, which is why we exclusively offer full-coverage plans. Whether we’re filming a traditional Chinese tea ceremony or a symbolic vow exchange, we approach every detail of the weddings we’re entrusted with first as explorers, then as observers, and finally with the editorial eye of an artist.

Here’s how we’ll bring your day into focus.





Prior to your wedding day, we’ll do more than send you a basic questionnaire. Instead, we prefer to connect personally via video conference to ensure we understand your expectations and concerns. Even if you have a clear vision for the vibe of your wedding, since you’re not a cinematographer, you’re probably unsure about the best way to showcase it on film. This is where we really excel. Using what we’ve discovered during the consultation process, we’ll build a custom storyboard for your wedding and hand-select the perfect production team to bring it to life. Because we value your time, instead of sending you hundreds of package options to review, we'll send you an accurate, tailored proposal that's easy to read and understand.

You want cohesive visual coverage of your wedding, and creating an amazing atmosphere for your guests is also a top priority. With this in mind, we always request your itinerary and a complete copy of your vendor list in advance so that we can engage in a thorough pre-production process. Communicating with your photographer? Check. Asking your wedding planner about top priorities? Definitely. Arriving at your destination a day early to scout the best shooting locations? A given. Coordinating with your audio and lighting team? Of course! To produce a wedding film worthy of the big screen, paying attention to the little details isn’t an option—it’s a requirement. As a result, you’ll enjoy a smooth wedding day production that results in seamless storytelling.





Your wedding day experience is our absolute priority. With this in mind, we act as observers rather than intruders while filming. A minimum of two cinematographers will be present at your wedding to ensure you receive world-class footage from every angle. What we will do: Wear designer attire that matches your dress code, move seamlessly throughout your venue, and make getting outside of your comfort zone feel like fun. What we'll never do: Step into the aisle to get a shot, block your guests' view with bulky equipment, or hover a drone above your heads during the vow exchange.

We are open to your feedback and welcome you to share your expectations with us before the post-production process begins. Want something intimate, but a little irreverent? Classic, but unconventional? Let's go there! Once editing is complete, we’ll deliver a password-protected personal website that includes all of your films. Physical USBs are also available upon request. In addition to delivering a highlight and feature film, all of our packages include a separate video with full-length speeches. You also have the option of adding a next-day Instagram video to your package for immediate social sharing.

Speaking of social media: Prefer to keep your wedding under wraps? We respect your privacy and are always mindful of the fact that we're working on your behalf—not our own. We have signed many NDA agreements due to the attendance of celebrities or politicians in the past, meaning some of the most over-the-top weddings we've ever filmed will never be viewed publicly...and we're okay with that. Your wedding is not a vehicle for us to show off on social media.




Custom-tailored to reflect your wedding day experience

“Alessandro is definitely a team player. He’s very enthusiastic and positive, and he keeps that level of energy the entire day which is really great. He’s able to work under any condition and be flexible, and I love how positive and excited he is with the couple. He really works hard. He was up for scouting with me, he knew the area better than I did, and was a very helpful resource because he’s from Italy.”

“What a pleasure it was working with you…Amazing teamwork and I was very pleased with how everything turned out. The bride and groom were beyond happy as well. Thank you again!”

“You were an absolute dream to work with and the videos are stunning! I can't wait to hopefully work together again soon!”

—Hannah, Event Design Manager, Bespoke Events London

—Michelle Garibay, Owner, Michelle Garibay Events

—Ryan Ray, “Top Wedding Photographer in the World” by Harper's Bazaar | Amalfi Coast wedding



Formulas have a place—in science books and laboratories. Where formulas don’t belong? Your wedding film.

In addition to our years of wedding cinematography experience, we have an extensive background in commercial videography and music video production for major recording artists. These multi-dimensional creative projects have helped us hone our signature look and experimental editing style, which is marked by fast cuts, bold graphics, and left-of-traditional musical selections.