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Both of us grew up traveling throughout Europe and interacting with people from a wide array of cultures. Today, we split our time between Los Angeles and Milan to serve clients in America, across Europe, and worldwide.

We believe weddings are important because they bring people together. You and your partner, of course. But friends and family from all over the world as well. A wedding is a monumental occasion taking place in an epic destination. A chance to celebrate the people and places you’ve come from, and the new journey you’re starting together. If that isn’t deserving of custom coverage…what is?

Bottom line: Your experience is our top priority.

And that’s why, in every moment that matters, we’ll be there to document—not detract from—the extraordinary event you’re planning.



“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such an acclaimed artist leave his undeniable mark on our joyous occasion.”


Growing up in a country known for its beauty and art, like Italy, I cultivated a refined aesthetic sense. With over 12 years of experience as a cinematographer and director, I commenced my journey in Milan with advertising campaigns, and further advanced to Los Angeles, contributing to music videos, documentaries, short films, and, of course, destination weddings.

My fascination with finding new ways to tell wedding stories only continues to grow. I feel most alive when I’m surrounded by different languages, traditions, and destinations, so don’t hesitate to send creative challenges and big ideas my way. I look forward to translating your vision on camera.

Francesca Forquet Photography


Born in Argentina, raised in the enchanting embrace of Italy, in 2012, I joined forces with Alessandro, combining my structured prowess with his creative genius to launch our studio. Beyond being a super skilled cinematographer, I thrive behind the scenes – handling logistics, travel, and technicalities – the unseen work that vitalizes each production.

Italy ignited my passion; now, I kindle it in every frame.

Francesca Forquet Photography


mappa Bordoni


Italy is a never-ending source of inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite things, Italian style.

Villa Balbiano Reception - Lake Como

Split screen bridesmaids

Cliveden House luxe wedding in UK