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SOLE AND i BELIEVE IN taking a truly personalized approach to wedding coverage.

Because of this, we pack our gear for a limited number of weddings each year—10 to 15 maximum. This ensures each project receives our undivided attention and that the resulting film is truly deserving of the label “unique.”


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And that’s not just because we specialize in destination weddings.

I’m from Rimini, Italy. Sole is from Argentina, but moved to Rimini during her university years. Both of us grew up traveling throughout Europe and interacting with people from a wide array of cultures. Today, we split our time between Los Angeles and Milan to serve clients in America, across Europe, and worldwide.

WE BELIEVE WEDDINGS ARE IMPORTANT because they bring people together.

You and your partner, of course. But friends and family from all over the world as well. A wedding is a monumental occasion taking place in an epic destination. A chance to celebrate the people and places you’ve come from, and the new journey you’re starting together. If that isn’t deserving of custom coverage…what is?



And that’s why, in every moment that matters, we’ll be there to document—not detract from—the extraordinary event you’re planning.



“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have such an acclaimed artist leave his undeniable mark on our joyous occasion.”


Although I was born and raised in the country of love and romance, the idea of filming weddings didn’t initially excite me. I began my career shooting advertising campaigns, eventually moving to Milan to work with international brands including Adidas and Dolce & Gabbana. My perspective changed after helping shoot a destination wedding for an American couple in Tuscany. After the weekend wrapped, I signed up for workshops in Paris, New York, and London to learn as much as I could about wedding cinematography. Five years have gone by since, and my fascination with finding new ways to tell wedding stories only continues to grow. I feel most alive when I’m surrounded by different languages, traditions, and destinations, so don’t hesitate to send creative challenges and big ideas my way. I look forward to translating your vision on camera.

Alessandro Bordoni

Francesca Forquet Photography


At the age of 19, I moved from my home country of Argentina to Rimini, Italy, where my grandfather lived. Italy made a lasting impression. Living surrounded by so much beauty, history, and art was a dream come true. In 2012, I decided to pair my structure-oriented skill set with Alessandro's creative genius to launch our studio. In addition to producing and shooting for our wedding films, I assist behind the scenes with logistics, travel details, and technical preparation. I’m at my happiest outside of the spotlight and truly enjoy doing the unseen work that brings each production to life.



Francesca Forquet Photography


PEOPLE: Director Federico Fellini (we share the same hometown!) and architect Renzo Piano, responsible for the Auditorium in Rome | PLACES: Florence, Milan, and the villas of Lake Como | THINGS: Dolce & Gabbana prints and accessories | IDEAS: Sipping an aperitif with Spritz during a trip to the Amalfi Coast


Italy is a never-ending source of inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite things, Italian style.

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Not all stereotypes about Italians are true, but this one is: We have a deeply-ingrained appreciation for beauty, art, and pleasure. (And yes…we love Gucci, Neapolitan pizza, and Brunello di Montalcino too.) It’s part of our identity—a perspective we’ll always carry—and it comes through in the aesthetic of our films.

What Sole and I didn’t bring with us to LA? Italian contracts and confusing business practices. We’ve worked hard to create a process that’s streamlined and easy to understand for clients in America and across the globe. Your time is valuable, and we believe that any free moments you have should be spent dreaming about your destination wedding—not translating paperwork.

Here are a few of the destinations we’ve been lucky enough to capture on film.


Villa Balbiano Reception - Lake Como

Split screen bridesmaids

Cliveden House luxe wedding in UK

My love for music actually preceded my interest in cinematography, and continues to have a major influence on my work and editing style. If I’m not filming a destination wedding, you’re likely to find me directing a music video or shooting behind-the-scenes footage for major recording artists including Machine Gun Kelly, Justin Bieber, and Blink 182. In addition to our work within the music industry, Sole and I feel privileged to provide media support and creative consultation for a variety of international nonprofit organizations. Multi-dimensional projects like these keep us fresh creatively and allow us the chance to give back to the community that’s given so much to us.

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