Katie Mitchell Photography


I could eat pizza every day for ever. She likes trying exciting new food
She’s a city girl. I am a beach boy
I play guitar and piano. She can’t carry a tune
She likes order. I’m messy
I can dance to the beat. She’s rather uncoordinated
She loves dulce de leche. I love Nutella

I’m Italian. She is from Argentina

I seriously started my business 6 years ago, when I met Sole. I have been doing films for a while, but I had no experience in filming weddings.
The first time I filmed a wedding I did it as an assistant and I felt in love!
That experience changed my life as I decided to move forward and focus all my energy and efforts in immortalizing those most important moments.
Rather than filmakers, we consider ourselves the storytellers who capture the emotions of your unique love story.
When we work we are always discret and extremely respectful. We never interfere with the couples, instructing them on how to move or to pose.
We just give some suggestions in order to catch the best light or background; everything else has to come naturally to them.
It is also very important for me to understand the couple’s vision of the day and expectations.
Thanks to our expertise we always manage to capture the reality of the moments and feelings, without being intrusive.