Roberta Facchini Photographer



Sole and I are global nomads. I was raised in Italy. She was raised in Argentina. Now, we live seasonally between Los Angeles and Milan. Together, we travel all over the world filming weddings. Experiencing new cities and cultures has given us an eye and appreciation for beauty. Beauty is a sandy island road. Beauty is the sunset over a European villa. Beauty is the twinkle in a groom’s eye the first time he sees his bride. Beauty is shared joy between two families. This aesthetic is reflected in each of our films.
We also understand that no two places or couples are alike. That’s why, each of our films is personalized and handcrafted with care. Above all else, we value integrity and professionalism. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to guarantee each of our couples the highest-quality wedding film. Our films are a true reflection of love, unlike anything else. Let us tell your story.